Y6-2 1926 Type 35 Bugatti

Issued 1961 Scale 1:48 navigation buttons
Withdrawn 1967 orig.price 0.15
Available Box Types

The first of the Type 35 Bugattis was built in 1923. They were available with various letter designations, for example the Type 35B and the Type 35C had a 2.3 litre and a 2.0 litre engine respectively. This car had the rare distinction of being capable of winning Grand Prix and also being available for sale to amateurs.

The yesteryear model is a very good representation. Even the wheels show the unique spokes used to force cooling air over the breaking system.

The first models were issued in blue with grey knobbly tyres. Soon the tyres were changed to black with fine or knobbly variations. From 1965 the models were produced in red with no further colour variations until its withdrawal in 1967.

Mint boxed examples of the commonest issues of both colour schemes can be found between 20 and 40. The scarcest issues are the final issue of the blue model having a white dash board rather than the more usual red, and the final model issued in red having a black dashboard rather than the more usual white. Both these models are extremely hard to find and can reach prices in excess of 400.


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